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The true value in the HOMES trade association membership is immeasurable. Whether you’re a Home Medical Equipment or HME provider, product manufacturer, distributer or service provider, HOMES provides a conduit to get you where you want to be. HOMES also serves as an access point to so many different aspects of our industry. If you want to get involved in legislative affairs, industry leadership, receive education or simply an introduction, HOMES has the resources, expertise, and connections to get you connected.

Association Memberships: Investment vs. Expense

When it comes to deciding whether or not to join or renew membership with your trade association, the decision-maker needs to ask this question:  Is this an investment for my business, or an expense?  At first blush, it would appear to be an expense. I believe that many HME providers view association membership dues as an expense and I can understand why. There is a certain mystery to associations with the work we do. Many of the benefits that come along with association memberships are intangible, so it’s easy to see that when push comes to shove and the bottom line has to be met, it’s association membership dues that end up on the chopping block.

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Some companies, however, view their membership as an investment. In addition to the education, grass-roots lobbying, industry updates, and payer engagement, the biggest value of membership is networking. Our members who regularly attend our membership meetings inform me how much they’re learning and how fast they’re learning it by interacting with our Associate members and discussing new products and services to help them determine how best to diversify. Ultimately, it’s the networking with other HME providers in New England that determine they get the biggest bang for their buck. Many of our members have made lasting friendships with providers throughout New England.  If they are struggling with a problem, they can contact a colleague to determine the best method forward.

If anyone has trouble seeing the value in HOMES membership, I would encourage them to call us and tell us where they want to be in the industry. My guess is, when they hang up the phone they’ll understand the value.

What Association Members Are Saying About HOMES

“HOMES has been there for us to assist whenever possible with various legislative and insurance issues. HOMES is constantly striving to improve our industry.”  – Darryl Coplan, Keene Medical Products

“HOMES fosters a culture among competitors that encourages information sharing and transparency that works to benefit all members in our quickly changing environment.” Steve DeYoung, HME & Infusion Services

“We are glad to be a part of the HOMES association and appreciate the work you do on behalf of our mutual providers.”  – Rob Boeye, Brightree

“HOMES keeps us connected to what goes on on Capitol Hill as well as the Industry in general.   The networking that we do at these meetings helps us to better understand what challenges lie ahead and the solutions our company can offer to our customers.”  – Rob Fessler, Broda Seating

We hope all of our members are maximizing their association membership benefits. If you haven’t attended a membership meeting in a while, or ever, we hope you’ll make it a point to attend in the coming year. As always, thank you for your support.  If there is anything we can do to add value to your membership benefits, do not hesitate to call the HOMES office.

Karyn Estrella, HOMES President & CEO

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