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The Many Reasons to Join MAMES (Midwest Association of Medical Equipment Suppliers)


In an association like MAMES, with eight states, we offer a unique opportunity to network with others in the industry who are experiencing the same issues.  However, when you’re networking with folks from across the area instead of just your own backyard, the willingness to share is much higher. The networking relationships developed in MAMES have, in many cases, developed into lifelong friendships between members.

Committee Structures that Cover the Spectrum of our Industry

In MAMES we have an umbrella structure of committees that covers all of the states in areas such as rehab, regulatory, legislative, membership, associate members, our new retail committee, and the only Home Modification Accessibility Committee in the country. The overall committee structure is supplemented with the state level committees as they are needed. For instance, we have full blown Iowa and Nebraska MCO Committees and Wisconsin Medicaid Committee and MN Legislative Committees. Then, we have the flexibility to add in  task forces when needed for issues that are more temporary in nature.

Local Education, Vendor Interaction, and Networking Events

The holding of successful local level versus national events is a critical part of belonging to an association benefit. No one knows the local level legislative scene like the people on the ground, and no one can connect people faster than the state ad regional associations. This is not a slight to the national associations like AAH – they provide the direction and guidance – but it is the people in the associations at the state and regional levels that go out and get the grass roots work done as seen in the recent Senate and House letters.

The MAMES Communication Tools Available

The MAMES FYI MONDAY e-newsletter is (as far as I am aware) the only state or regional association WEEKLY newsletter for membership and is a critical part of our association – many members distribute it to every employee in their companies. Being able to provide not just the national news, but perhaps even more importantly, the local state level news is a critical part of belonging to the state and regional associations.

The fact of the matter is you just can’t do it alone anymore. There is too much information and too many changes happening on a daily basis to keep up without help and your state and regional association needs to be the place for that information.

Written By: Jim Schafhauser

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