Outsourced Order Entry

Helping HMEs Cut Labor Costs

Are you getting squeezed by lower reimbursements?
By augmenting your staff for patient and order entry we can quickly help reduce labor costs.

The Flexibility You Need, When You Need It

Outsourcing to our billing professionals give you flexibility to scale as needed without increasing labor costs. By handling patient and order entry, Prometheus Group extends your team so you can focus on the exceptions. Our non-employee workforce gives you the ability to tap into extensive networks of individuals with hard-to-find billing and reimbursement operations expertise.

A Clear Cost and Quality Advantage

While our competitors outsource operations to third party off-shore providers, Prometheus Group delivers its services from fully owned and controlled delivery centers around the globe resulting in a clear cost and quality advantage.

HMEs improve cash flow and cut costs through:

  • Cleaner claims that are processed quicker
  • Lower back-office labor costs
  • Increased reimbursement rates
  • Improved budget control

Let us provide the resources required to scale operations as needed while controlling costs. Contact us today to learn more about revenue cycle management resources from Prometheus Group.

By working with the team at Prometheus Group we can easily handle peak volumes without having the expense of staffing at that level.

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