Key Performance Indicators for Your DME Revenue Cycle

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Medtrade Spring is around the corner! The Prometheus team is preparing to see customers and colleagues at the show in Las Vegas, March 27-29. Joey Graham, our VP of Operations, is presenting a conference session outlining key performance indicators for your DME revenue cycle. Read on to hear about what Joey is excited to share in his session.

Opportunity from Insight

One of the things that I feel my career in the HME industry has delivered to me is a brilliant opportunity to work with a number of providers and the leaders that direct them.

Joey Graham

Joey Graham Vice President, Operations

From my early days, working hands-on as a provider on the Gulf Coast, through years of software implementation and to my position today, I’ve have a chance (and the airplane travel time!) to meet and reflect on so many different strategies of the way we run our businesses in HME. 

I’ve always noticed that there are a series of metrics almost all of the great providers pay attention to. Sure those numbers vary from company to company but, deep down, they still exist.

To me, the content that I’m presenting in Vegas is a chance to share many of those indicators in an organized format. Prometheus has been through thick and thin with our clients in the past few years.  We’ve had a chance to roll our collective sleeves up and learn from so many of them.

I hope the people who come to the session are able to walk away with a deeper understanding of what a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) really is, and a shortlist of suggestions that are applicable from their business.

 Key Performance Indicators for Your DME Revenue Cycle

Spending time and collecting these insights, I’ve narrowed my discussion to a few things that we think great providers do well. Make time for me in your Medtrade Spring schedule: Islander F Room on Tuesday, March 27, 2018: 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM.

You may have read the description on the website already and I have included greater detail on a few of the things we’ll be discussing below:

  • DSO (Days Sales Outstanding):

    Companies calculate DSO to estimate their average collection period. It is a financial ratio that illustrates how well a company’s accounts receivables are being managed. I will adapt this definition to our industry.

  • 90+ A/R balance:

    Having the optics I’ve been fortunate to have with so many companies has taught me a few things. I’ve come to learn that once the 90th day passes on your AR, it’s significantly less likely that it will be collected – regardless of the payor. We’ll discuss actions you should be taking well before this dismal date to make your revenue cycle cleaner.

  • Open Orders:

    Getting paid quicker is always better in any business. In order to do that in HME, you really need to confirm and send claims as soon as possible post-delivery. Using a systematic approach to track and regulate this is really the only way that we see successful companies operate at Prometheus.  

  • Held AR:

    As a provider, I always felt like held AR was the bane of my existence. Spending so much effort to earn an order, supply a piece of equipment and submit a claim… How can so much cashflow be held so often? At this point, I have a much better idea of how and why this happens. I’d like you to come and consider my thoughts.  

I love heading to Medtrade Spring because of the dynamic that exists there in Las Vegas. Our thought leadership sessions and evenings are always filled with fun experienced and dynamic conversations. For us, it’s also a chance for some of the members of my team to spend more time with the clients that we serve day in and day out.

If you’d like to schedule a formal time with my team during the Medtrade Spring show, please email us at We’ll be glad to reserve some time from you!

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